Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sunshine, Beaches, PLEASE?

Confession: I am terrified of the snowblower in the garage. That is why I'm this close to going out and shoveling, rather than going out and snowblowing. What I SHOULD do is neither, since the snow is Joe's job and the leaves are my job.

(Funny story - last fall I was out raking the yard, and this couple around my age with a tiny little baby in a sling comes walking down the street. I stop raking to let them pass - we rake everything into the street and the leaf-sucker-upper trucks come by and get 'em, and the wife asks, "Where is your husband?" And so I answer, "Oh, he's lying on the couch taking a nap." She gasps, and the husband gasps, with this look on his face that suggested he would be mourning for the immediate-future death of said husband. Joe and I laughed about this later.)

I completely forgot the rest of whatever I was going to post.

I think a good birthday present for me would be no more winter.

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