Monday, January 24, 2011

The Quiet

For anyone who doesn't know, my ex and I have a somewhat odd custody schedule for the time being. We have a week by week stretch where one of us has her. The parent who does not have her travels to the other parent's city on Sunday and picks her up for the week.

Last week was my week. We also had Stevie over the weekend (we get to see him a whopping 5 days a month). So this morning I wake up at almost 9am in complete silence. No yelling, no Legos underfoot, no begging to watch video games. No tattletales. SILENCE.

It's glorious...but hard at the same time. Any one of you with kids can imagine how difficult it is to pass your child on to their other parent for an entire week. It's heartbreaking, but at the same time, these are my weeks to clean the house and do office stuff and watch R-rated movies IN THE DAY TIME.

And we've been starting this thing where on every other Sunday, we go out to dinner after Sean picks up Norah. By that time, Stevie is with his mom. So last night we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, ate until I grew a food baby, and got serenaded by mariachis.

Win. It's a bittersweet win, with only each other to share it.

But I won't think about how much the kids would have loved hearing "La Bamba."


  1. I relate to this like crazy. The silence when the boys go back to their mom's is deafening.

  2. I can barely be away during my work day. I don't know how the week goes!