Monday, January 31, 2011


There's this really disturbing pattern that keeps happening in my life.

I pick up N from her father's house, and she's sick. I take her home, take care of her, and by the time she leaves my house, she is well. The next week she is with her father, and when I pick her up that Sunday - she's sick.

It's been happening since last winter. It's so frustrating that last night, when she had a fever of 103 and she was holding her head and her body was so hot I could feel heat coming off of her, all I could do as I made dinner was CRY while Joe wet washcloths and got her comfortable on the couch.

And apparently I'm the "less responsible parent."

*I know that some of you out of my millions of readers know my ex, and I really don't want to make anyone uncomfortable or dwell on this crap, so I am really going to keep it to a minimum.

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